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Helzel Messtechnik manufactures high tech devices and systems using highest industrial standards. Our quality management system, ISO 9001/2008-12, guarantees constant highest quality of our products and services.

Our ocean radar "WERA" and related software and services are unique products based on intellectual property from Helzel Messtechnik and their partners, the WERA user community. To enable an intensive and open exchange of new ideas within the community none of the unique WERA components or features are protected by patents. To protect these unique features the principles are published to enable other scientists and users to share these ideas and to prevent other parties from getting a patent for these features.

To protect the IP of Helzel Messtechnik, the circuit diagrams and the hardware related software modules are not disclosed.
The processing software is shared within the scientific WERA user community. New developed software tools are tested within the community and will be added to the WERA tool set after successful validation.

Some software packages are provided by commercial partners within the WERA community: These may have IP protection for the companies concerned and the source code is not disclosed but they will be subject to rigorous evaluation by Helzel Messtechnik and are only provided to customers if Helzel Messtechnik is satisfied that they provide a useful addition to the business services. Helzel Messtechnik provides full support for such packages sometimes in collaboration with our partners.

Helzel Messtechnik provides all services to configure the WERA systems and software according to the users requirements. A one week user training is included with the purchase of a WERA system.

To provide the most effective and best service for our WERA users, we usually co-operate with a service provider located in the country of the user.

The WERA system is the most flexible ocean radar available on the market. It is the only system that can be configured with a compact antenna system or an array type antenna. This enables us to discuss the features of both techniques openly with our customers to find the best suited configuration for specific applications.

The success of your project is our priority.

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