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Technical Features

Flexible system

(5 to 50 MHz) easily configured for long ranges (more than 300 km @ 5 MHz)
or short range applications with highest spatial resolution (250 m)

High temporal resolution

30 s for ship tracking
3 min for currents
10 min for waves

Safe and low noise operation mode:

Low and non-harmful RF-power
(7.5 Watts per transmit antenna).
Almost no interference with other radio
band users due to FMcw operation mode

Near real-time mapping for measuring

surface currents
wind direction
significant wave height

Extraction of data from eachgrid point
to generate time series of ocean data
and directional wave spectra

Please find below two example specifications for different frequencies:

Specification 16,5 MHz (pdf)

Specification 24 - 26 MHz(pdf)

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