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WERA System - Service Packages

You need currents, wave and wind data for a specific ocean area in real-time from the comfort of your office? Rely on our expert knowledge and support:

Site Selection and Site Planning
We help to find the optimal site for your HF radar system and help to
define what system you need to achieve the information you want


Hardware up to your needs

The WERA hardware components will be build at our factory according to ISO 9001 standards
You can rely on quality made in Germany


Even extra outdoor equipment such as solar powered containers, rack or mobile solutions for easy transportation and storage are available upon request


Just-in-time Delivery
of the system components from door-to-door or directly to the site
We arrange for punctual delivery to meet your tight project schedules

Our engineers will be out there for the installation and support of your team
Even for extreme site conditions with difficult access at the coast, we will find a solution


Remote Access and Quality Control
From the comfort of your office, you will have easy access on the real-time data and system for
Service Support and Remote Maintenance, our team engineers will be on call



We provide:

Support of your site configuration and installation of modular hardware that adapts easily to your requirements.

Our complete on-site support package includes site-planning, user-training and maintenance.

Optional control, signal processing software and application software and

regional service support are all available through our global partners.

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