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July 2020                                                     Mobile, dual-frequency WERA in Vietnam
WERA for Tsunami detection in Indonesia
New team members at HELZELs
25th anniversary of HELZEL Messtechnik


December 2018                                         WERA for Raz Blanchard, Alderney Race, France
WERA Dual Frequency System Solutions and Active Antennas
First WERA Systems in South Africa
Extreme Current Measurements in Philippines
WERA Drift Prediction (WDP)
European Ocean Observing System–EOOS–Conference Call to Action
WERA Operators Seminar - Additionally in March 2019


July 2017                                                   Mini-Tsunami detected by WERA
Radiowave Oceanography Workshop ROW, 19-21 September
WERA Operators Seminar 2017
WERA for the Philippine HF Radar Network
WERA Papers recently published
Mark your calendar


June 2015                                                  20th Company Anniversary HELZEL Messtechnik GmbH
WERA for Port of Rotterdam
Oman NMHEWS operational now
Northmost WERA system in Norway at 70°N
WERA NorthernRadar for West Coast of Vancouver Island
WERA Operators Seminar 2015


Conference Newsletter
Oceans MTS/IEEE 2014 St. John's
ICHE 2014
METSZ 2014
MiTiN 2014
Radar 2014
Meteorological Technology World Expo
EuroGOOS 2014
March/April 2014                                   The WERA DataViewer
Oman WERA systems
Welcome! Our new team members
Additional Features: Synthetic Wave Buoy
ROW 14 and WERA User Group Meeting
WERA Operators Seminar 2014 


July 2013                                              

The new generation: WERA Compact 12+
Workshop proceedings ROS 2013, Chile
WERA success stories at a glimpse
GEO Global HF Radar Network
WERA Operators Seminar 2013     


April 2012                                             

ROW 2012 and WERA User Group Meeting
World Radiocommunication Conference WRC-12 Outcome
Australian Network extended by additional WERAs
WERA as part of the COSYNA project
WERA Operators Seminar 2012     


August 2011                              

WERA Chile observed Tsunami Signature
WERA wireless TX synchronisation
The PortMap System                                   


10 years WERA                                    
WERA History - the past 10 years - Unique Milestones
WERA Mobile
WERA Monitoring for the Wave Hub Project
Metocean Data for Offshore Installat


May 2009                                       New Features for WERA Components
Making Sense of Wave Energy
EU-Marine Observation and Data Network
July 2009 Conferences 2009
December 2009
WERA No. 50 installed solar powered
Quality Control Standard for WERA Software


2008 / 2                      The Philippine Project
Seaview Sensing goes Australia
WERA hits headlines in Chile
2008 / 1 Stormy Season for Europe
Japanese Cooperation
WERA Service


2007 / 3

2007 / 2

2007 / 1


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