WERA VHF and Mobile System

          Examples of WERA Current Maps of the river Loire estuary near St. Nazaire, France, at High Tide of 4.5 m (left) and Low Tide of 3.0 m (right)

As WERA is modular and broadband, it can be operated at very low frequencies to provide very long ranges or at the upper HF band (30 MHz) with a resulting range of 50 km. This product family is now extended by a VHF instrument operating up to 50 MHz providing very high resolution (down to 100 m range cell size) for ranges up to 20 km.

The very high operating frequency results in short arrays:

< 20 m for 8 antenna (beam forming mode)
<   3 m for 4 antenna (direction finding mode)

It is easy to install and can be part of a rapid deployment mobile unit housed in a van or trailer.

Such a mobile station has been recently installed for 2 months in France near the river Loire estuary close to St. Nazaire. Examples of the resulting current maps measured with a pair of 12 antenna, 43 MHz WERA systems are displayed in the images above.


A pair of stations is required to provide high quality 2-D vector maps. However, even a single station can provide 2-D current vectors but with reduced spatial resolution.

Any existing WERA HF system can be modified to operate in the lower VHF band up to 50 MHz at comparably low costs.

Typical Applications:

  • Ship Traffic Management in Ports and Harbours.
  • Coastal Engineering Applications: land based high resolution current and wave measurements around headlands or artificial coastal features
  • Environmental Management and Protection: real time monitoring of advection of pollutants, oil spills, larvae in coastal waters, enclosed basins or harbours

WERA VHF-Flyer (download pdf 397 KB)




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