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Basics and Technology

Accuracy and Reliability




Modells  - Data Assimilation

Ocean Radar for the Planning and Operational Phase of Off-Shore Renewable Energy Systems
(pdf 560 KB )
Thomas Helzel, Oswaldo Lopez, Lucy Wyatt, 2011

Accuracy and Reliability of Ocean Radar WERA in Beam Forming or Direction Finding Mode
(pdf 1 MB)
Thomas Helzel, Matthias Kniephoff, Leif Petersen, Vincent Mariette, Nicolas Thomas,  2011

Coastal Radar "WERA", a tool for Harbour Management (pdf 761 KB)
Thomas Helzel, Vincent Mariette, Marc Pavec, 2010

Identification of typical scenarios for the surface - Lagrangian residual circulation in the Iroise Sea
(pdf 2 MB)
Héloise Muller, Bruno Blanke, Franck Dumas, Vincent Mariette, 2010

HF Radar WERA Application for Ship Detection and Tracking (pdf 1,2 MB)
Anna Dzvonkovskaya, Klaus-Werner Gurgel, Hermann Rohling, Thomas Schlick, 2009

Future Contribution of HF Radar WERA to Tsunami Early Warning Systems (pdf 1,3 MB)
Anna Dzvonkovskaya, Klaus-Werner Gurgel, 2009

Observation and Estimation of Lagrangian, Stokes, and Eulerian Currents induced by Wind and Waves at the Sea Surface (pdf 2 MB) Fabrice Ardhuin, Louis Marié, Nicolas Rascle, Philippe Forget, Aron Roland, 2009

WERA Basics - Remote Ocean Sensing for Currents, Waves and Wind (pdf 837 KB)

T. Helzel, M. Kniephoff, L. Petersen, 2006

HF-Radar Physical Limitations and recent developments (pdf 593 KB)
K.-W. Gurgel, H.H. Essen, S.P.Kingsley, 2000

Wellen Radar (WERA): a new ground-wave HF radar for ocean remote sensing (pdf 851 KB)
K.-W. Gurgel, G. Antonischki, H.-H. Essen and T. Schlick
, 2000

Measurement of ocean wave height and direction by means of HF radar: an empirical approach (pdf 365 KB)
H.-H. Essen, K.-W. Gurgel, T. Schlick, 2004

HF Radar for Coastal Monitoring – a Comparison of Methods and Measurements (pdf 244 KB)
Prof. Lucy R. Wyatt, 2005




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