Application Software

The following applicational software packages are included in the Standard WERA tool box:

  • WERA-RT: real-time processing
  • WERA-CTL: remote system control via web interface
  • WERA-RFI: unique noise reduction for array type WERA systems
  • WERA-FA: frequency adaptation (listen-before-talk-mode)
  • WERA-DF: direction finding
  • WERA-BF: beam forming with self calibration feature
  • WERA-crad: radial current velocity
  • WERA-wrad: significant wave heightfor about 40% of the current range
  • WERA-wind: wind direction for about 70% of the current range
  • WERA-2D: combines radial data of wind, waves and currents of multiple WERA stations
  • WERA-QC: Quality control and house keeping tools


The following applicational software packages are available as Extra Charge Options:

  • WERA-Parallel (variable integration time): recommended to get optimised wave data and sub-mesoscale current structures in parallel. Required for time sensitive applications like disaster warning
  • WERA-Synthetic-Wave-Buoy: provides directional wave spectra for selected user-defined grid cells within the overlapping radar ranges and timeseries of derived parameters such as significant waveheight, peak period, peak direction as well as wind direction
  • WERA-Wave-Grid: provides directional wave spectra for all grid cells with sufficient signal quality within the overlapping radar ranges. Various options for real-time or off-line processing are available.
  • WERA-Data-Manager: provides vector maps for ocean currents, wind and waves. Comfortable user interface for data viewer and data archive. Display of time series of individual grid points.
  • WERA-CurDrift: Surface current drift prediction for search and rescue or environmental protection applications.
  • WERA-Weather: Combination with WRF data for forecasting of currents and waves.

Moreover, additional applicational software packages can be provided by our WERA partners upon request. Please visit their websites for additional information:




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